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    Hi, my name is David Asselin, home inspector license: 70020. I have been licensed by Consumer Protection BC here in the Vancouver area for about 3 years. I am an HIABC (formely CAHPI BC) and InterNachi member. I’m French Canadian from Quebec but I’ve been living in B.C. since 1995. I created the platform to help grow my inspection company. I bought most of my pre-listing inspection related domains in 2015-16 when I realized that I didn’t have what it takes to market myself to agents. I looked for a unique selling proposition but most of the agents in my area already had their favorites guys and the only UPS available was to be the cheap guy. I needed something solid to get them to use me without having to drop my price.

    I was raised on a dairy farm in Northern Quebec and worked on construction ever since I moved to B.C. I always hated construction because I was raised to take pride in the work I do and to do it right. I realized real quick that construction was all about the fastest and the cheapest guy. I was ashamed to be part of an industry that does poor quality work in a hurry. Then for the last 2 years I started; a drywall, steel stud framing, taping, insulation contracting company to help finance the platform. But again, I realized that even if I was doing the best quality jobs, I would only get work if I was the cheapest. I didn’t want to be the cheapest, I want people to use me because I would go above and beyond in order to exceed our client’s expectations.

    Some people in the home inspection industry sees me as a vendor and I do get it but keep in mind, I’ve got nothing to sell, it’s all free. I may in the future consider some avenues of revenue but for now the goal is to grow my company and help as many inspectors as possible do the same. If you are wondering how I make money with this please read the “How do you make money?” FAQ.