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    We don’t. The system is designed to make us a successful inspection company in our area and we make it available for free to everyone so they can also be successful.

    We are planning on marketing to prospective buyers who downloaded the report in the future. We will not market anything related to inspection/inspector since those are your leads and they were generated by your hard work. We will not market anything related to agents, since it is also their leads and got you the job in order to get those leads. We may introduce them to mortgage broker and repairs companies.

    We are committed to keeping the contact information of the seller private. It’s pretty simple, the seller’s contact information is not included unless the seller request it to be available. When uploading a report on, if the inspector adds the contact information of the seller, the seller will receive an email asking them if they did agree to it, if they click no, then it’s not included with the report. They also have to check mark the box in the inspection contract giving the inspector permission to add their contact info on It’s a double protection. Prospective buyers don’t need the seller’s contact info, the seller agent’s info is readily available on the report detail page.