Free Pre-Listing Home Inspections

How is it free?

The seller gets a full refund of the pre-listing inspection fee if they use one of the participating agent found on

Who is paying for it?

Participating agents who believes in pre-listing inspections to help sell their client’s house faster and for more money. They will refund the fee of the pre-listing inspection in order to gain a client.

Why would agent pay for it?

Agents are already paying tons of money for advertising and and leads. We already know that pre-listing inspections will sell houses faster and for more money. Now,  not only they get these benefits but they gain a client.

What's the process?

Since it is starting, we don’t have many participating agents, if you can let the agents you know about it and that they can sign up on that would speed things up. Check the agent page often and once there are some around your area then you can start promoting it.

Is this ethical?

You do everything as usual, get the contract signed, do the inspection, get paid, give the report and point them out to a site where participating agents are willing to refund them the pre-listing inspection fee if the seller decides to work with them. You are not referring any specific agents, you are not offering anything other than an opportunity for your client to get their inspection fee back.

Is this a special program?

No, it’s a marketing way to increase client acquisition for both inspectors and agents when using or your own social media, ppc marketing.

How can I get started?

If you have not yet joined the program go to to add your company and an account will be created on You will now be able to upload reports and start getting leads for you and your agents. You can then market free pre-listing inspections to those leads to increase client acquisition for both you and the agent.

What if the agent doesn't want to pay?

When they add their profile on, they agree and understand that they will be refunding the inspection fee in order to gain a new client. If somehow they decided to stop doing it and try to gain clients without paying, they will be removed and we will try to accommodate the client with another agent in their area who has integrity.

Free Pre-Listing Inspections are here. They are free for sellers; the inspector gets pay full price and the report download is free for prospective buyers. At this time, this is primarily for home owners who are planning on selling their house in the near future and are not yet working with an agent. We have a growing list of agents all over North America who understand the value in offering their clients a free pre-listing inspection in order to sell their client’s house faster and for more money. They will be sponsoring the inspections in exchange for new clients.

When an inspector uploads a report on, the prospective buyers can download them for free but do need to register in order to do so. When they download the report, all their info is then passed on for free to both agent and inspector to promote their business. Contact info includes a verified mobile number, email and mailing address.

Now when contacting prospective buyers who downloaded the report on, you will be able to offer them free pre-listing inspections therefor increasing client acquisition for both you and the agent. You can also acquire clients using your current marketing avenues, social media, yelp, AdWords, and your website.

When a prospective buyer is interested and get in touch with you, you perform the pre-listing inspection as usual. The seller pays you and get a refund if they work with one of the agent participating in your area. If there are no agents in your area, contact agents you know using the “Broadcast to Agent” on and let them know you can send them clients if they pay for the pre-listing inspection, they will sign up right away. The directory of agents is on and is being populated now.

If the prospective buyer is already working with an agent, you can get in touch with the agent and inform him/her about the benefits of having a pre-listing inspection for their clients and how they can get free leads from prospective buyers and that you can offer those prospective buyers free pre-listing inspections to help increase the chances of the agent acquiring these clients.

We are working on material you can use in your marketing. This is a feature exclusively for users of and will tremendously increase conversion for both you and the agents receiving the leads from free downloads. You can also offer the same for buyer inspections if you get in touch with them before they get an agent.

Inspectors and Agents will not even know each other so there are no ethic problems. All the inspector does is to point their clients to a site where they can find agents that will refund their pre-listing inspection fee if they work with them. It is the seller’s choice to do as they wish and who they decide to work with.